Access To Information Pt.1 | Blog Action 2014

All children have the right to have connections to information in books, television, and in the internet. To gain whatever they need to know for the future or in the present.


Having information is quite helpful, and it enables us to have assistance during exams. Since most people are limited on books, or don’t have the time to go to the library and study there, they can go on the internet- the most fastest answer-bringer in the world currently. You can gain A+’s using this information to your advantage, and it can hopefully help you.

Information also warns us of dangers, like in a book, saying the symptoms of a fever or a disease. It can also tell us what the weather will be in a few weeks, unlike the weather channel that has a limitation of days. If a tornado is coming, people will quickly put a warning up for those in the area, so everyone will be prepared in the end.

Today, less people are ignorant, because we don’t have to go through so much effort to gain knowledge. Also, the internet has much more information than one book, much more. It is like a giant book crammed with different stuff, all said by different people in different parts of the world.

Another thing is that access to information can enable our own opinions built on other people’s sayings. If someone says they like the show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, others will slowly process their opinion, and then look at the show themselves to see why the individual likes it, soon becoming involved in the fandom itself.  Soon, they would be able to tell them rather they are agreeing with you or they have another opinion.

But the most special thing about the internet is that we can connect with each other, sharing data and information with others. This is helpful, since most people can’t visit each other at the last minute, so the internet helps with that to enable chats online. It can also help by people working on projects together, and if they cannot go to one of their houses, then they can share what they’ve learned that night with their partner.

We are a very lucky country, we may not have everything we want, but at least, we have the basic needs for children’s and adults. There are many other rights for children, and this, was one of them.


Access To Information Pt.2|Blog Action Day 2014


Article 17-

You have the right to reliable information from the mass media. Television, radio, and newspapers should provide information that you can understand, and should not promote materials that could harm you.

Article 13-

You have the right to get, and to share, information as long as the information is not damaging to yourself or others.

Article 14-

You have the right to think and believe what you want and to practice your religion, as long as you are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Parents should guide children on these matters.

Not Visiting | Edublog Challenge 3

The challenge is supposed to be about where I’d LOVE to go, but I did it another way that still counts.

Bedarr is more… Natural then Crime Island, mostly because the environment is more plentiful then the bare weeds of the Exile Island.

But Crime Island was once a beautiful island, with the most unusual but pretty flowers blooming every spring. The grass was tall, taller than an average toddler, which made grand shelter for smaller creatures from the Feelious. Many species roamed this island, before it was changed by evil.

Evil manifestation covered the island, sparing no weeds or flowers in sight. It made drought an average thing for the island, and killed many plants in the process. The animals there couldn’t adapt quickly enough, and soon the island was abandoned.

Where several trees once stood were bare, the island only has one tree, one that is leaning to the side and about to fall off the island into the rushing waves below. There are several caves in the island, left by their once living owners to sit alone.

Verdediger’s father had declared this island to be for the exiled, since it was unlucky from such manifestation to take over and kill off the lives living there. From then on, the evil creatures were banished to the island to live an eternity’s reach, and magic keeps those animals from getting out.

Of course, the creatures are served water and food, because it is a form of respect to keep a prisoner fed and healthy.

This is DEFINITELY a place I wouldn’t want to go for the summer, nor would want to visit.

Original artwork to follow!

Fifteen Minutes To Speak

So if I had anything to say to the world. These are the things I’d talk about, and what I’d say.Oil-spill Madison

“Okay, the first thing I want to talk about is terrorism. I mean, you people- and I’m including you, U.S.A, and Isis- are shooting each other in the faces, blowing up our society without mercy, and strapping bomb vests to your chests.  We should be enhancing the world’s structure and economic production, but yet, you are off grabbing land from each other like stray cats! Even filthy hounds are better than your ‘plans’ of taking over countries, not even. The next thing we should be doing is uniting countries, and building up a democratic society within 30 years. Then starvation wouldn’t be a problem, nor would Ebola or any virus occurring in the eastern countries, if we just built one society that looked out for each other. Your children are ashamed of you, everyone is ashamed of those who dare to bomb others…

“Next, I want to talk about pollution. Yes, many out there are trying to help the environment, but their help is wasted in vain when some teenager decides to toss a candy bar wrapper on the ground. You parents should know better than to not tell your children of the consequences about global warming or pollution. Also, if you’re going to the local store that’s down the street, don’t use a car! That is just pathetic, if I must say. You can just walk down and not waste gas, that’s simple. Continue reading

A Job

I sat in my chair, my eyes inspecting the crumbled pieces of paper that laid on the desk in front of me.

Tonight was the first night of my shift, the night-watch, at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. It seemed a pleasant place, considering that it was a pizzeria for children of all ages and sizes, mainly 3-11 year olds. The kids were entertained by a few animatronic animals, a bunny, a bear, and a chicken.

I wasn’t sold at the outcome, but it’s a job, anyway, I was hired to work the night-shift for the pizzeria, because I originally thought it would be a smooth job to do. I mean, all you had to do is sit in an office and tap at cameras, nothing is more simple then that, right?

I was informed that the animatronics are left on free-mode roam during the night, to keep their servos from locking up or something. Since they move around the pizzeria, I was left to ensure the safety of these robots, to make sure they don’t end up damaging themselves by breaking something. Continue reading

The Brave Lilli | Edublogs Challenge 2

Blog Review:

Lilli, or Inspiration.

I stumbled upon her blog not too long ago, and took a liking to one of her stories that is still going, ‘The Brave Star’.

The story is about a popular smart girl who travels into a portal, finding herself during the war of WW2. The story is quite well-thought of, having lots of detail contained in the material to make it stick out of the piles of other posts I would of gotten caught in. The main character is caught by Hitler and brought to a camp, where she must find an escape and get back to the real world before it is too late.

But she has more stuff then The Brave Star, and she has said herself that she enjoys the Hunger Games books after reading it. Also, she adds a Dr. Who reference by placing the word ‘Tardis’ in the story The Brave Star. She explains it in the bottom so it isn’t just a coincidence.

I recommend this blog to people who love to read and also write their own stories. You can find her at

Spooky Nights At Freddy’s

Freddy Fazbear Sionra Online“Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria!”

Or welcome to a nightmare.

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) is a game where you play the role of a security guard for a local pizzeria called ‘Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza!’. In the pizzeria, there are quirky animatronics you must watch over, because they are set in ‘Free-roam mode’ for the night, mostly because if they’re turned off too long, their servos lock up. Continue reading

The One From Bedarr Chapter 7

Verdediger the DefenderVerdediger scraped his claws across the stone, sharpening them with rock that was told to bring might to the one who touches it. He glared at the sunlight as it faltered into the temple, peering in from cracks in the walls. It promised warmth for the day, for he could sense the sticky blood shimmering in the sun.

He shivered at the thought, and gathered his courage once more as he stopped scratching the rock, silencing the air from the piercing noise. Verdediger glanced at the entrance, and started toward the opening.

The sun rose from behind the temple, casting Verdediger’s shadow to loom over the steps that trudged down below. He sniffed the air, checking for enemies within the area, nothing. Suspicion fluttered in Verdediger’s stomach, it wasn’t like Humming Peak to be so quiet in Crime Island, nor did peace ever dwindle in the air of Bedarr since the Consilia’s exile.

Verdediger glared at Crime Island, seeing only specks of movement wander around the piece of land. He huffed, and placed a paw on the cracked stairs. He made his way slowly,  down below the treetops that now visually threatened to fall onto the path.

He felt the cool dew stick to his pads, the air smelled like Spring, oh how he wished the season had come back. Verdediger began trying to stop worrying about his brother, but there was something in his mind that kept coming back.


Corea! Verdediger jumped, his ears twisting and turning for any sounds. Corea was his beloved daughter, summoned by magic.

Verdediger gulped, had he forgotten his one true family? The one who he was able to the teach the ways of the good?

No, he hadn’t. He could never forget.

Verdediger’s horn lit up, he knew he had something to do. He ran away into the trees, neglecting the path his ancestors mended themselves. Verdediger dodged the trunks, leaping over bushes and fallen trees, he would do what’s right.



Humming Peak blasted the Alfeitors, an red aurora glowing around his curved horn.

A black Alfeitor guard rammed an Feelious, sticking his horn into the Lion-bull’s belly. The creature yowl in agony, and with a swipe of his paw, he sent the Alfeitor into the ocean below.

“Deuoris!” Tusiofur cried, and quickly tried to save his friend from the waves with his magic. He lifted him out of the water half-way, but was interrupted by Humming Peak.

The Consilia slammed into the Alfeitor with his side, making the poor creature follow his friend. As the Alfeitors suffered the wrath of waves, Humming Peak smiled.

“They didn’t last a single attack.”  He smirked, watching as Tusiofur pulled himself onto a rock out of reach of the water. Humming Peak watched, seeing the white Alfeitor help his friend, Deuoris, get beside him. Once they both pulled themselves to safety, they looked at Humming Peak with fear and little dignity.

Humming Peak glanced at the leader of the Feelious, making a silent order with a small nod of his head. The lion-bull trudged forward, grabbing the two Alfeitors. They squirmed, howling and whimpering as they were pulled away from the gates.

“Perfect.” Humming Peak grinned, and led the army away into the tree tops.


Curve turned abruptly at a log, racing through the trees. She felt an odd emotion in her stomach, pulling her to slow down like a rock attached to her tail.

She never felt this emotion, not that she knew of. Curve stopped at a tall looming shadow, she looked up, seeing a gray mossy stone tower over her. It was taller then the midget trees throughout the forest, which brought Curve’s shrunken curiosity higher then her intelligence.

Ignorant and adventure seeking, Curve darted through the trees. She flapped her wings, hovering a bit before falling plainly on a small stone. Curve spotted a clearing, warmed by sunlight that looked down on it.

The forest was a cool place, and Curve could feel mosquitoes bite her several times, and she hadn’t been outside of a tree-layered zone yet, excluding Crime-Island.

Curve made her way into the clearing, where three tall stones stood at outer edges of the clear spot.

“I think I remember this…” Curve muttered, trotting to one of the smaller rocks. She gazed up at it, tilting her head to the side as she spotted markings on it.

There were many signs on it, showing an Alfeitor and Consilia fighting.

The Alfeitor was white, whilst the Consilia black. They glared at each other, tension building up in Curve’s mind.

The Consilia awfully looked like Humming Peak, the same black coat and the same wings. The white Alfeitor… It resembled to the enemy Verdediger, Humming Peak disgusted him, but why does it look like her father’s the evil one?

Curve flapped her wings, managing to scramble onto the low rock. She saw the trees, and they were less taller compared to her when she was on the ground.

Curve remembered this place even more, she saw herself leaping off a rock, trying to fly normally.

“What…” She muttered, glancing at the sky.