Summer Is A Bummer

Hey guys!

I got a GIANT announcement, so don’t miss this part.

Because of Summer Vacation, I won’t be posting for a while. Since I can’t get on at home, I’ll just have to wait.

For two months.

I’ll probably lock myself in a dungeon because of the wait. And probably have a slushy or two in the process.

Don’t worry about the One From Bedarr or Animals From Montreal. More ideas will surely come to me during the vacation, the next chapters will be up before you know it!

(Or before you check out my page after three months)

Also, I just want to wish all you guys a great summer, and not to drop your Ice cream. Or blow up a pool. Or any disaster that could happen in two months or less.

-Sionra Online

 (PS: Savor your summer, cause it`s not going to stick around.)

Animals Of Montreal {Chapter 1}

Animals Of Montreal |PROLOGUE|

The storm clouds had no mercy for sunlight as they blocked it from shining.

I was nuzzling through a lump of trash that towered a fox high; it was pretty easy to get considering they were in shiny black stuff. As far as I knew, I was behind a Master store, which was crowded, of course, since a very new thing with multiple colors was hung up.

I had to race into the alleyway behind the store, where all these blocky Nosers. It was frightening when I had to creep in front of one, knowing the fact it can turn on. Once I heard a cat had got shut in one of them, and never returned, that story never was comforting when in a Noser group.

Back to current time, I was tearing the black stuff, creating holes big enough to fit my muzzle in. I smelt an awful scent mixed with a smell that made me drool, and I poked my nose around to find it. Soon I got a grasp on a piece of steak, tempted to eat it and keep it for myself. I pulled it out and began looking around.

Oh great, just my luck, I see a white cat with a dark back coming. “I see you actually found something, Leather?” His deep voice just made me irritated at the start.

“Scram Tortoise, at least I got something hanging from my jaws then nothing.” I retorted through the meat, and then Tortoise rolled his eyes. Continue reading

Phobias And Fears

Well, looking at Paul’s post, I was inspired to write an associated post that circles ‘Phobias’ and ‘Fears’.Sionra Scared Woman


  • What are fears?

Fears are what we are afraid of, say you’re afraid of the dark. You’re not used to the atmosphere around you, and you want to get out of it as quickly as you can. That is fearing the dark. Fears can be un-named, sometimes different from Phobias. Fear is sometimes caused by adrenaline that tells you ‘don’t fight, flight’. Fear makes you choose flight instead of fight, as if you’re fearing an enemy. You may fear their powerful weapons or the history of them. Anyway, fear is all the same when it comes down to flight. Continue reading


Mythical characters are told from myths, such as dragons… Elves… Along with fairies. Yet some of these creatures can be very interesting… Sionra dragon


Usually a large creature with scales and large flapping wings. Has a slightly long neck which can range to one meter or two. Dragons can range to any colour code, along with patterns. They have sharp claws that can make a gash in one-another, meant for defense or attacking.


Sometimes a Santa elf or a forest elf. Has long ears with a point at the end, great for hearing for enemies or listening to the sounds of the woods. Have the advantage by hiding and using a bow-and-arrow in a tree. Amazing at archery. Usually prefers green clothing.


Mostly appears as a ‘damsel in distress’. But some are skilled and prefer to live life without a prince watching your every move. Wear mostly dresses and a small crown. Barely leave the kingdom without help, and usually live ‘happily ever after’. Continue reading

Animals Of Montreal |PROLOGUE|


Montreal is a large town, where grassy areas are rare. The gasoline fills the air along with innovation that drove green to dirty streets. Careless Masters leave litter, which animals peck at eagerly. Everywhere you turn there were the homeless, destruction, and dying beauty.

Alleyways provided little shelter, and are often stumbled upon by teenage Masters, who coat the brick walls with uglier colours. Cats and dogs that were abandoned by their owners or born in the streets scavenge the garbage for any food, for their family or themselves. Most of our pelts are muddied and ruffled, and smelt of oil along with the ever-lasting horrid stench of the rubbish we nose through. Continue reading

Bad Day

George opened an eye, yawning greatly. He stretched and then got up, banging his fore-head on the bed above him.                                                                                         “Bob!” He yelled, and the mattress just over him rustled.

“What is it?” Bob looked down, asking George.

“I demand you to put your bed higher!” George demanded.

“Sorry, George, but I got a pig up here and he isn’t the skinniest of the pair.”

George looked dumbfounded at Bob’s reply.

“Well put it on the floor!” George yelled back at Bob, who picked up the mammal and hovered it above George. “No- Wait!” His surprised voice was muffled by a pig falling on his fore-head, banging and making him fall against the floor. Continue reading

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Sionra Testing TestingTesting, Testing 1-2-3 is a great episode on television, it portrays different learning styles.

The episode is basically saying ‘this kid isn’t stupid, but it can’t get anything out of that learning style.’

The episode belongs to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, at first glance you may think ‘but that’s for girls!’ The morals contained in the episodes are actually relatable, and the classroom scene actually shows how kids react to large learning spans.


Learning styles portrayed:

-Chalk-board writing

-Highlighting Continue reading

Winter Wonderland Danger

Sionra IciclesIcicles are dangerous, they can have long sharp pointed ends, which could lead to a bad injury. It is always good to remember never to stand under a icicle when taking it off, believe me, it’s not fun getting one in the head. Always stay away from icicles, only your actions can stop yourself from being hurt.

How to stop yourself from getting hurt:

1-Have someone stand by, if something happens, your friend will call 911 and bring you Inside.

2-Get rid of it before it happens, when you see a icicle, get rid of it before it grows into a large, dangerous piece of ice.


Don’t play with Icicles without supervision.

Photo Credit-WikiPedia