A Game That’s Taking Flight

Programming and Designing games

Hello! If you haven’t got the flow from the thing above, I am interested in the making of games. If you don’t know what a ‘game’ is… Here’s an explanation:

A game is a sort of play where one person must achieve a goal in, the player must over-come obstacles to complete the level or finish the game. Continue reading

The One From Bedarr | Chapter 6

Verdediger the DefenderVerdediger tossed and turned, he felt like he was in a pile of straw, he opened his eyes, seeing the ceiling of a den made of branches and moss. “Huh…?” He looked around warily, finally realizing he was not alone in the den.

“Oh, you’re awake! Have some nice ice tea!” A feminine voice spoke, Verdediger looked over, seeing a Howvilla with some plants stuck to the horns on her head. “Who are you…?” Continue reading

The One From Bedarr | Chapter 4

Verdediger the DefenderHUMMING PEAK`s POINT OF VIEW :

Humming Peak sat, waiting for the Saufor bat to come back with news. He spotted it scratching at the border that kept the criminals in, he watched as it got in, and slipped toward him. “Did you find anything?” Humming Peak asked, flicking his ears.

“He made a daughter…” The bat replied. Humming Peak flinched a bit, and looked up, “What type? What does she LOOK like?” He grumbled, “White, with black spots all over her, she has small wings that look like she lost feathers… And she’s part Alfeitor too…” The bat added.

Humming Peak snarled, and held the large bat onto a gigantic rock. “And you don’t bother bringing her back!” He spat into the bat’s face, “Verdediger was with her! I swear to Bedarr, she was being carried by Verdediger’s magic!” The bat insisted. Humming Peak let go of the bat, “… Part Alfeitor, eh?” Continue reading

The One From Bedarr | Chapter 3

Verdediger the DefenderVerdediger concentrated on the bed, he growled as pain shot through his heart to the tip of his horn, a long aura of magic floated out of his horn and drifted to the mossy bed. He howled in agony as a sudden light shot from his horn to the bed, and he plummeted to the ground, he panted, his eyes closed.

Verdediger opened his eyes slowly, and looked up at the bed, he saw a small white ball with wings and a horn, it had black spots on it that where EVERYWHERE on her body. The small pup nosed around, her squeal barks echoing the temple. Verdediger got up, and stumbled over to the bed, he looked down, smiling, he licked the pup’s head, away from her horn.

The pup barked, and Verdediger leaped onto the bed, and curled around her to warm her up. She stuffed her tiny muzzle into his fur, and drifted to sleep silently. “I’ll name you…” Verdediger thought for a moment, “Corea.” Continue reading

The One From Bedarr | Chapter 2

Verdediger the DefenderVerdediger perked his ears, and heard squeals of Gourfourus rats. They were large rats with giant muzzles; he heard the bam and shots of magic being shot. Verdediger ducked as a rat lunged at him, he quickly bucked his head up, banging it against the rat’s soft belly.

The rat fell onto the path, squealing, it began shooting red lasers up into the sky, calling for back-up. Verdediger lunged at it, and shot it away into the sky with a large bolt of hard magic, he unsheathed his claws and quickly turned, and knocked away a rat that was trying to bite his shoulder.

He kicked it up, and made a large scratch across its side with the tip of his horn. The rat squealed with pain, and scrambled away from the clearing. Verdediger saw the guards chase away the last of the rats. Continue reading

The One From Bedarr | Chapter 1

Verdediger the DefenderOnce upon an Island, was Bedarr, Bedarr was an beautiful Island, there were five mountains in the center of it, representing the keys in a true wolf`s heart, Loyalty, Honesty, Bravery, Courage, and Strength. Many odd creatures live here… Legends tell that humans once lived there, and they built a tall temple, but once creatures came, they decided to leave the island so their loved ones do not get hurt. The main creatures are Consilias, which are winged wolves to patrol the island and pay attention to unsettling things. Their wingspan can go up to six feet, and they glide gracefully. They are Air-raiders, which are attackers from above when enemies attack the island, a Consilia named Humming Peak used to be the leader of the Air-raiders, but he had been sent away. Alfeitors are horned wolves, that have a long horn on their fore-head. Alfeitors are defenders of the island, their magic can be powerful, but sometimes too much power can weaken them. But theres one Alfeitor who defends the island with honor, and his name is Verdediger. Continue reading