Piskel is an online site where you can make your own animating sprites. The first thing I made when I went on was my character Keith, and he bounces up and down a bit. The other thing I made is:

New Piskel

New-Piskel-1fu07t5Piskel doesn’t have confusing controls, and you can download a picture of your sprite with their movements!

Also, Piskel can be downloaded offline, so if you don’t have any wifi but you want to work on some sprites, you’ll be able to access it with no problem!

I recommend this site to anybody who likes retro games, or to anyone who would enjoy making a cool sprite for their game.

You can find the site here


The Point Of No Return…

… Or the point where I can’t stop doing it.

Here is where I basically am in my science project: I finished the brainstorming, now I just need the materials and such.

#1-need to collect stuff

I need to get the board, which is due March 13 (the day I hope I get it before) , and I also need to collect the materials- or buy them, at least.

LIST OF MATERIALS (looked at carefully)

  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Coloring Pencils
  • Electronic that plays songs
  • Binder
  • Display board
  • Typed up information
  • Decorations

#2-Work on board design (plan out all the details and decorations)

#3-Test people/family members on the weekend.

1 test will be done on Saturday morning, 1 other test will be done in the afternoon. Then another test will be done on Sunday morning, and the last one will be done in the afternoon of Sunday.

#4-Record data and put table on board.

#5-Divide binder into genre parts.

That’s most of it, and it’s mainly simple.


The Post That Grows Forever

Hello! You may be confused at the name, but I’ll quickly explain what I’m doing. First, I’ll be talking about an article. Then, I’ll be transitioning to vocabulary words used in the article. Then, with the vocabulary words, I’ll be looking for more words to use.


Have you ever heard that a dull grey bird- belonging to an Amazon Rainforest, actually had chicks that looked too similar to a caterpillar? You may of not, but it is true!

The Cinereous Mourner bird has adapted to have chicks with orange plumage- with markings that relate to those of a large toxic caterpillar. It took a long time to discover the relations between the Cinereous and the caterpillar.

Chicks are not often fed as much as other birds, and are more likely to be left alone for longer periods of time- which brings them to using their tactic. Snakes and other predators dare not attack- because said Caterpillar had toxic strands on their fur, so it’d be fatal to touch one at all without being harmed.

I wouldn’t mess with these chicks at all- would you?


Impersonating is when you act as someone else. Impersonating has a relationship with acting as someone else, but is most often associated with Fraud.272px-Impersonation-20080607-a

Impersonating can sometimes be bad, but sometimes would be for good.

EX: The thief pretended to be the Police man. Continue reading

MS Paint: A Simple Program Or Something More?


Photo credit (c) Sionra

MS paint is one of the first programs provided on any Microsoft/Windows computers, and is often reviewed to be ‘too simple’ for artists that like realism. But did you know that MS paint can do more then just line art?

I must admit, that when I first used MS paint, I wasn’t too ‘involved’ with it, and I thought it lower then most drawing programs out there. But once I found out I could make realistic things with it, as long as I had the time, I knew I was going to like it.

Above is an example- a drawing of Freddy Fazbear I am yet to finish. Continue reading

How To Create An Original Character

Original characters are basically what make the art world. We can personalize our own characters, shape them into whatever species we want them to be, and name them anything we want.

Though, sometimes, people have little to none ideas of how to make an original character- so I’ll be making a tutorial on how to create a beginner to advanced character. Continue reading

|Untastion| The Planet


Photo Credit (c) Igor Križanovskij

There is a planet- within its own galaxy- that has a more tropical look to its atmosphere. It is named Untastion…

Inside the green ‘gas’ that keeps the air inside, there are large nations scattered amongst oceans and seas. The biggest of which is nicknamed ‘Tyuis’, which means ‘large’ in the oldest dwelling language on the planet.

Legend has it that Tyuis had been larger before it was destroyed during a war amongst the gods called Poutai and Wanyeur. Wanyeur had been jealous of the fact Poutai was in charge of all the animals, whilst he was in charge of the environment- so in rage, he demolished the beaches and had them float off, scattering them. Poutai fought against him, recruiting large creatures to fight against them- and the war lasted for centuries.

The remaining species on the planet were regenerating, their numbers growing as they adjusted to their new climate and environment. Many years later, into the present, some of the animals that were killed off returned, while the species that survived kept on living. Continue reading

|My New Art Class|

I’ve started going to an art class for a while now- a class for cartoon and caricature art.

It goes on every Saturday, and every class I go to gives me more of a feeling for good characters and cartoons. The most recent class had me creating characters for a story I’m writing up- and the teacher reminds me to keep an eye on the art structure or style of it. It’s been good so far, and I look forward for more classes!


Photo Credit (c) Andres Nieto Porras

|Video Response|The Cat Came Back


Picture (c) Cordell Barker

“The Cat Came Back” is a short film based on a folk song, adding their own point of view based on the song. A regular summary of the story would go like this: It is about an older man named Mr. Johnson who is trying to get rid of a pesky cat. Simple, right?

Well, it is, but it brings a few laughs even though it’s so simple. The fact the story about it is simple goes perfectly with the art style, which is both cartoon-y and simplistic. Any person can watch, it’s not that overwhelming with details that distract from what’s really going on.

But what I love about it is the effects used in it. When the character is animated to be ‘boiling’ (which is shaking- happens all through the video) it gives a sense of life to them. The emotions displayed is accurate, and an eight-year-old could tell the man is angry by the fact that he has a frown and lowered eyebrows.

The music with it is really catchy, and you can’t go at least a day without having it stuck in your head after listening to it. It has a silly and uplifting tone to it, making it one of the most cheerful songs I’ve listened to.

Finally, I’ll talk about the animation. The animation, as you see, has some parts that have a 3D effect to it, especially in the house scene at the beginning. The transitions to different scenes is grand, and my favorite transition was when he took the cradle and, transition, put it on the table. The smoothness of the animation is extraordinary, and if there was ever a cartoon animated like this, I’d rather watch it then those newer cartoons (no offense to anyone who enjoys those cartoons!)

This cartoon is definitely worth a watch when you’ve got the time to do so!


Photo credit: (c) Cordell Barker