Science Project Idea {Science Fair Project Pt.3}

Music note sionra online

(c) Ofeky on Wikimedia Commons

I have finally narrowed down from all six ideas to one, and the reason I chose it is actually do to benefits and similarities.

“Does Music Affect Your Mood?” ( Is the one I chose, because music stirs emotions into our artwork. The process I’d do is go into different environments, listening to Classical, Sad, Happy, Up-beat, Pop, and Jazz music. Then, after finishing the drawings I did while I listened to them, I’d compare the features of the line art to see if different genres can mend. Since I love drawing, this would be the perfect thing for me, because every artist needs music for them to put actual feeling into their paintings/drawing.

I sort of mended it into my own style of experiment, because I can get more creative linking to that kind of experiment for my own then copying it. I may have two other different people who will be tested on, my two loving parents. If the different music genres make different age-groups draw separately, then I’d like to see what they would draw while the music is playing.

Well, this is my choice.

New Independent Project: Animation x 25

Hi there, guys!

I have a brand new Independent Project, which will help open doors to the animating career. I will be animating 25 different types of movements that’ll get me used to animating raw scenes. Animating takes a long time, and it is terribly hard to keep the lines smooth. I also finished the 1st of 25 animations, you can watch it right now! (P.S: My animating will probably get better by the time I’m done 25 of them. So it’s kinda bumpy now.) quick animation

Before this, there was another animation. Unfortunately, while saving it, I hadn’t put ‘.gif’ at the end of the name, so it didn’t work. But I realized my mistakes, and this is where we are!

Animation (c) me

Made with Abcya! Animate-



Brainstorming Scientific Ideas {Science Fair Project Pt. 1}

Hey everybody!

(c) Nevit on Wikimedia Commons

(c) Nevit on Wikimedia Commons

A Science Fair is coming up quickly, and we were given the option to browse the web for any ideas we can use for our project. These are just small samples of what I could do, but I will choose the one idea that benefits to myself, also to other people. (By the way- It’s only the first part of the brain storming)

The three ideas I chose from the net.

“Does Music Affect Your Mood?” ( I chose this because, like most artists, I like to use music as a sort of guidance that stimulates our emotions. For the idea, I would listen to different genres of music while drawing. Then, I’d compare the drawings, once I’m finished, to each other to see how different the music can stir our emotions and make them drip into our paintings. Personally, I think this would be a perfect topic for me to choose in the end. Continue reading

Count Out Three | Three Amazing Blogs!

The first blog I visited was Jayden’s blog. He has currently transformed his blog into an Haunted one, but it depends on whether he changes it as soon as Halloween is finally done. Jayden has many posts about school, along with his home country. But the post I was most interested in was the one about the city and the suburbs. He lives in the city, whilst I live in the suburbs. Not having an idea of what the city is like, (other then the fact of traffic. I learned this while in Montreal.) I gained interest and looked into the post, seeing how he says the pros and the cons. If you live in the city or the suburbs, I’d recommend looking at the cons and pros. Continue reading

Edublog Nominations

Best Student Blog

Hey, everybody!bob onlines sionra

I`m here again, to talk about one of my friends, Bob Online.

He adores video games, so he may fancy your needs if you have an addiction to PC games. He usually talks about Steam games, rather than gaming consoles.

But aside from all that, he talks about other things, but games are the best of the topics on his blog.

You can find him here:

Best New Student Blog

Have you seen Sofia’s blog?sofias blog sionra

Her theme and layout are magnificent! It is completely pink, which shares a tiny bit of personality of Sofia herself. It’s neat and organized, and the head-banner font makes her blog look like royalty.

You may have gotten to my blog from her recent post, ‘Edublog Nomination’, so to return the favor, I’ll link back to her blog so she gets some views!

She also writes about creatures and animals, so it’s the perfect blog for animal lovers! She has at least two-three posts about felines/canines, so it’s an amazing site you’d want to check out.

You can find her here!:


Into The Stars!

Last weekend I went to see an amazing Sci-Fi movie called sionra

The movie is based on a man who must seek out a new planet for humanity, because the Dust Bowl is damaging the oxygen levels of Earth. Unfortunately, the man is a father, and he has to suffer the chances of him not returning alive to his original planet. The man’s name is Cooper, and his two children are Tom and Murphy. (Named after the famous Murphy’s Law) Continue reading

Florence Blog Showcase

Florence’s blog is a great, creative, and colourful blog.

Her theme is made of turquoise and blue, which fits together quite nicely!

She also has a book that’s going to be continued in the future, called ‘The Unexpected’. It tells the role of a girl named Kristy, who tries her best to avoid a bully called Claire. It looks like a great book so far, and I can’t wait to see what she has next!

You should check her out! (Link:

Something Fishy

When a Russian fisherman was on his daily route, he caught an odd fish that seemed too out of the ordinary to be any species he had encountered before.

After he unhooked the marine animal, he noticed the fish had teeth similar to ours, creepy that they had the same sort of shape our dentures would have.

The man resorted to any resources, but there were none that stated the Fish’s being or naming. He asked friends, but they only gave him tales.

After an examination, they found out it was a Pacu, a fish related to the Piranha family.

The reason I found this interesting is because I never knew that another creature, which depends on water for breath, has similar appearance to our shape. Odd, since us and the fish have barely anything in common at all.


{ Article: Russian Fisherman Catches Fish with Human Teeth.

Link: }

The Horror Game Is Back Again!?!

Hey everybody!

So I just heard that Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 will be out soon, because the Trailer was just released a few days/two weeks ago. I can’t wait till the sequel comes out, and I’ll try to get it as soon as I can.

(PS: Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 is going to be larger, and probably more expensive then the first game. Can’t wait to be spooked once again by the newer mechanics)


(My face when I found out I was going to prevent eight animatronics from coming into the office *Nine if Golden Freddy’s there*)

photo credit-Wikimedia Commons