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Hey, everybody!bob onlines sionra

I`m here again, to talk about one of my friends, Bob Online.

He adores video games, so he may fancy your needs if you have an addiction to PC games. He usually talks about Steam games, rather than gaming consoles.

But aside from all that, he talks about other things, but games are the best of the topics on his blog.

You can find him here:

Best New Student Blog

Have you seen Sofia’s blog?sofias blog sionra

Her theme and layout are magnificent! It is completely pink, which shares a tiny bit of personality of Sofia herself. It’s neat and organized, and the head-banner font makes her blog look like royalty.

You may have gotten to my blog from her recent post, ‘Edublog Nomination’, so to return the favor, I’ll link back to her blog so she gets some views!

She also writes about creatures and animals, so it’s the perfect blog for animal lovers! She has at least two-three posts about felines/canines, so it’s an amazing site you’d want to check out.

You can find her here!:


One thought on “Edublog Nominations

  1. Hey Sionra,
    It me, Sofia. Thanks so much for nominating me. It really makes me happy that you find my blog interesting. Do you know that I have nominated you for the best student blog????? Anyways, I really think that your blog will win. IT IS SO COOL. So, here is my blog link, if you want to check out: Good Luck with the nominations!!
    Visit anytime!

    Sofia 😉

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